There is a good chance these are already posted but Oh well. See here is Fina and also her sister Nixie (the one farthest left in the first pic and next to Carrie on the right in the last pic)

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reblog if you can recite matilda the musical word for word : )
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Happy Birthday to one of @matildabroadway original Matilda’s @sophiaegennusa ”dream so that you can be” -Jag

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LA Sneak Preview

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On the way to Broadway Inbound performance!

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My trading site is growing up fast!!! It’s AMAZING!:D

More to come!!!

I am SO thankful for the people that helped me out!!^.^ You rock!!!

P.S; Send me sites I can trade with them:)

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Where do I even begin with this little one… Sophia, over the past few years you have achieved more than most, you have come so far and I’m so proud of you💕 Happy 11th birthday, I hope you have an amazing day and hopefully see you soon💜 Missing you💗

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lollie mckenzie as matilda

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Rehearsal selfie! #BroadwayInbound

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Can we just take a moment to…

Ava D. Ladies and gentleman.

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